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30 June 2023
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Shared Wisdom: Tokyo Event Connects Nations in Disaster Resilience Efforts

30 June 2023

TOKYO, JAPAN - June 18th, 2023: From 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, Tokyo Big Sight hosted a comprehensive event featuring a seminar and workshop. The program showcased presentations by residents of the Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC), international student associations, and the esteemed guest speaker, Mr. Murosaki Yoshiteru from the Japan Disaster Prevention Officer Association. The event successfully brought together participants from diverse countries to share insights and knowledge on disaster management and prevention. Delivered in both Japanese and English, the event aimed to cater to a broad audience.

Throughout the lectures, attendees gained valuable insights into Japan's strategies for overcoming and preventing severe damages caused by natural disasters. A significant focus was placed on Japan's commitment to sharing knowledge globally and actively engaging in assisting other nations in safeguarding against natural disaster-related damages.

An event highlight was the opportunity for international students to exchange information about the natural disasters prevalent in their respective countries and the preventive measures implemented to mitigate them. This exchange facilitated networking opportunities and allowed participants to forge connections with individuals from different backgrounds.

In addition to the presentations, a workshop named "Crossroad" was organized to test participants' decision-making and survival skills. The workshop presented various scenarios, such as being trapped in an underground mall during an earthquake, requiring participants to decide whether to escape or stay in the mall. Participants who aligned in their choices received a blue cushion, while those with unique answers were awarded a gold cushion, emphasizing the preciousness of their perspectives.

The "Crossroad" workshop was met with enthusiasm, and participants expressed a desire to engage in similar experiences in the future. Overall, the event served as a platform for learning, networking, and deepening understanding of natural disaster management and prevention.


Nur Hanani Mohd Azmi
Fukui University
Bureau: WEBSYS