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MIDORI Golden Week Gathering 2023 Unites Attendees in Promoting of Community Spirit and Islamic Values

Nur Hanani Mohd Azmi
01 June 2023

OSAKA, JAPAN – IMAN Japan and Malaysian Students’ Association in Japan (MSAJ) recently organized an event called ‘MIDORI Golden Week Gathering 2023’ which took place from 5-7 May 2023. This event, held during Japan’s Golden Week, brought together all Malaysian Muslim youths from all over Japan, fostering unity and also promoting Islamic values among the attendees.

The program featured various activities such as lectures, workshops, and team-building sports, all aimed at creating a sense of community and providing attendees with a deeper understanding of the principles of Islam.

Amirul Faris, the program director, emphasized the significance of such gatherings, stating, "MIDORI Golden Week Gathering provides an opportunity for participants to network, connect, and foster meaningful relationships with other Malaysian Muslim youths." He also mentioned that MIDORI Golden Week Gathering is actually an annual event but it had to be postponed for a few years due to Covid-19. He hopes that more Malaysians will join the event in next year's Golden Week Gathering.

Syabil Suraini, a committee member of this program expressed his delight in the event’s success. “I’m glad to see this program has brought together so many Malaysian’s students from all over Japan. It’s a great opportunity for them to make connections with new people and it has been a valuable experience for me in managing this program, not only with Malaysian students but also with Malaysians working here in Japan."

The organizations of IMAN Japan and the Malaysian Students in Japan Association played a crucial role in the event's success, providing warm hospitality and actively engaging with attendees. Committee members offered guidance and shared their experiences to foster a greater understanding of Islamic cultures.

In conclusion, through engaging discussions and activities, the MIDORI Golden Week Gathering 2023 successfully promoted Islamic values and created a strong sense of community among attendees. It is events like these that showcase the importance of building a strong community and connecting people from diverse backgrounds.

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