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06 June 2023
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MSAJ's Virtual Raya Gathering Unites Malaysian Students in Japan

06 June 2023

In a world increasingly connected by technology, the Malaysian Students' Association Japan (MSAJ) organized an event on May 20, 2023, bringing together Malaysian students studying in Japan for a Virtual Raya Gathering. This online gathering served as a platform for networking, fostering camaraderie, and sharing valuable life tips, ultimately strengthening the bond between senpai (senior) and kouhai (junior) students.

The Virtual Raya Gathering presented an excellent opportunity for Malaysian students in Japan to expand their network and forge meaningful connections. With participants joining from different cities and universities across Japan, the event transcended geographical barriers and allowed students to meet fellow Malaysians they might not have otherwise encountered. Building these connections can prove invaluable in terms of academic support, cultural exchange, and potential collaborations in the future.

MSAJ has long been a pillar of support for Malaysian students in Japan, organizing events, workshops, and activities that cater to their needs. The Virtual Raya Gathering aimed to encourage students to become actively involved in MSAJ's initiatives. By participating in this event, students had the opportunity to learn more about MSAJ's activities, contribute their ideas, and even take up leadership roles within the association. Active engagement within MSAJ not only benefits the students individually but also enhances the collective voice of the Malaysian student community in Japan.

Living in a foreign country for the first time can present unique challenges, and even seem overwhelming to some. The Virtual Raya Gathering addressed this by providing valuable life tips specific to life in Japan. Seasoned senior students shared their experiences, offering advice on various aspects such as navigating academic systems, managing finances, cultural adaptation, and local customs. This exchange of knowledge fostered a sense of support and reassurance among the participants, empowering them to make the most of their time in Japan.

The Virtual Raya Gathering was conducted via the Zoom platform, allowing participants to engage in real-time conversations, virtual games, and group discussions. The event lasted for one hour and a half, providing an engaging and interactive environment for students to connect. The MSAJ organizers ensured a warm and inclusive atmosphere, reflecting the spirit of the festive season and the sense of unity that comes with it.

The Virtual Raya Gathering organized by MSAJ served as a remarkable example of leveraging technology to bring together Malaysian students in Japan. By creating opportunities for networking, encouraging active involvement in MSAJ's activities, and providing insightful life tips, the event fostered a strong sense of community and support among Malaysian students. Such initiatives not only enhance the overall university experience but also contribute to the personal and professional growth of the students.


Nubair Shofwan
Teikyo University
Bureau: WEBSYS